Project Description

HDL Bulgaria is currently installing full HDL automation solutions into the Museiko Museum.

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, the museum when completed will use HDL DMX and HDL DALI solutions, as well as a vast range of HDL panels, blind controllers, and sensors. In addition to this the museum will also have its HVAC, lighting, background music and windows fully automated.

The Museiko museum clearly has a firm grip on the future as well as the past.
This focus on the future is also shown through the integration of the HDL system with the solar powered electric car system. Being the first of its kind in the world, the station combines the HDL automation system, a truly renewable energy source, and the future of transportation, into one energy efficient package!

HDL is proud to be part of the Museiko museum, and we hope that it acts as an educational beacon not only for Bulgaria, but for the whole world.