Project Description

The National Furniture Industry Association recently gathered in Beijing’s great hall, to host a meeting in which the creation of the Intelligent Home Special committee was announced.

In attendance at the meeting were representatives from Qihoo 360, Nanjing IOT sensing, purple things together, Xiamen ABB, Ourui Bo, and a host of other Chinese electronics manufactures.

The Intelligent Home Special committee was created to unify standards, encourage the adoption of automation technology, and lay the foundations for the future development of the industry.

HDL is proud to announce that the inaugural head of this newly created association is the chairman of HDL, Mr. Liang.

When the announcement was made, Mr. Liang took to the stage, and to rounds of applause made the following statement.
“Thank you for this opportunity, it is my honor to be chair of this committee, I will actively lead the smart home industry to a broader market, and provide consumers with the best level of automation solutions possible.  The road we walk will be one of highest quality and sustainable development.”

It is hoped that the establishment of the Intelligent Home Special committee will have a positive impact on the automation industry within china, foster greater standardization, and promote cooperation within the industry.

We are proud that Mr. Liang has been recognized for his achievements in the automation industry, and we know that under his leadership the Intelligent Home Special committee will go from strength to strength.