Project Description

The Russian distributor for HDL, BMS trading, recently attended the 2015 Hotel expo, a subdivision of the larger PIR expo which dealt with restaurant food and equipment.  The Hotel expo gave those in the hospitality industry the opportunity to display their latest hotel specific products, and explain their most recent advancements.

To fully showcase the HDL hotel specific solutions, BMS trading created a mock hotel room into which the solutions could be installed.

The faux hotel room was designed to replicate a five star hotel room, but with the added functionality that a HDL automation solutions can provide. Coming complete with a bathroom, bed, television, AC, doorbell, card switch, and a range of lights, the mock room looked good enough to stay in.

The BMS trading team then installed full lighting, HVAC, background audio, and television control. In total the team were able to replicate 90% of a full HDL hotel room solution, with only PMS integration and shading control being absent.

The room allowed fascinated visitors to the HDL booth the opportunity to control a real life HDL automation solution, from either a DLP panel, an iPhone, or an iPad.

Of course members of BMS trading were on hand to answer any questions the visitors had, the most common of which being “how much does it cost?” and “can I buy the system from you?”.

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-Oct.13, 2015