Project Description

The HDL Dubai team have installed full HDL automation solutions into the Aldar headquarters building. Located in Al Raha, Abu Dhabi , the award winning building was named as the worlds “Most Futuristic” due to its unique combination of architecture, interior design and of course technology.

Using the ‘Golden Ratio’, which is present in some of the history’s greatest buildings, the circular building looks from afar like a glittering, glistening, droplet of water balanced on the shimming sands of Al Raha.

With a floor area of 61,900 m2, the commercial office building reaches to a height of 110 meters and has 17 elevators serving 23 floors.

Full HDL automation solutions were installed into all of the buildings office spaces and communal areas improving the office environment dramatically through effortless convenience and increased comfort levels. With an optimised mixture of dimmers, relays, sensors, and panels, the Aldar building is now not only environmentally responsible but incredibly energy effect.

HDL is proud to have been part of this groundbreaking project, and we look forward to completing more projects in the UAE in the future.