Project Description

HDL’s Norwegian team attended the Bygg Reis Deg expo in Oslo, from the 14th to the 17th of October, to showcase the latest HDL automation technology.

With over 41,000 people visiting the expo, the HDL booth was inundated with those interested in the new Buspro wireless solutions, and the new HDL Intellicenter. Visitors to the booth were particularly impressed with the Intellicenter, as when coupled with the Buspro wireless range of sensors, panels, and modules, it brings building owners a flexible system which can be installed in record time, while still being able to be easily configured and customized.

Bjorn Olson, an electrician from Stavanger, told HDL Norway that;

“My customers want automation now, before it was not so popular, but this year I have had many requests. That’s why I am here to learn about what is available.”

When asked about his opinion on the HDL system he said;

“People want something that does not need extensive rewiring, that’s why your wireless products are appealing. I think that of all the solutions here, yours is the easiest to install and most functional, it’s a nice combination.”

To learn more about the expo, please follow this link:


-Oct.23, 2015