Project Description

HDL has joined forces with Demopad to create the worlds most advanced automation installation app. Utilizing the iOS platform, the HDL Control app enables installers to quickly and easily set up any HDL automation solution via their iPhone or iPad.

When the installer has finished creating and configuring the system, via the apps easy to use interface, the finished project can then be deployed to the end users device.  Because the HDL Control app is a cloud based tool, payments can be organized, automatic backup copies of configuration files stored, and unique QR codes generated for each customer.  This creates a virtual library for the installer, and dramatically simplifies not only the configuration process, but their record keeping.

In addition to the benefits to the installers, the app can also be used by end users to fully control their newly installed HDL automation solution.

This combination of end user and installer applications has created not only a way to quickly configure a system and control it, but an ultra-reliable platform which can be used by both installers and end-users alike.

From configuring scenes and sensors, to trouble shooting and control panel configuration, the HDL Control app is the world’s best configuration and control solution.

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-Oct. 9, 2015