Project Description

HDL Ecuador have recently completed an intensive three day HDL Buspro training course.
Attendees of the training session came from all over South America, with the countries of Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, and Ecuador being represented.

The training course saw the implementation of the next generation Buspro training cases, which allowed participants to practice on, and modify, the Buspro system as if it were installed in a building.

In all 10 essential HDL systems were covered, which gave the attendees the most true to life automation experience possible.  From sensors and lighting, to background audio and user interfaces, they gained practical knowledge that readied them for real world situations.

This practicality is what attendees most value about HDL training courses. Piero from Peru told HDL Ecuador that: “This is what I needed, stuff I can use outside, when I go to work I can put it into to practice. If I were to rate the course it would be 10 out of 10, the same goes for the HDL systems.”

If you would like to attend a training session, please contact your local HDL office by clicking here.

-Jun.5, 2015