Project Description

Moscow – October 29 to 31, HDL Russian distributor RELCON-S presented HDL home automation products to the audience at the Hi-Tech Building 2014 exposition.

HDL provides a comprehensive home automation to the market. It connects with most the commonly seen household appliances like air-conditioner and makes a traditional electrical system into a smart one. The system, which is called Buspro, consists of both hardware and software. RELCON-S set up a simple but ample booth at the exhibition to showcase the full range of HDL products.

We could see some black cubic blocks fixed on the walls of the booth. They are lower-level system units including relays, dimmers, and other modules, which are mounted in a distribution box in real projects. End users may not want to or need to know what they are. But end users might want to have a look at the user interfaces – various wall-mounted switch panels and the iOS/Android app iLife. With these user interfaces, users will be able to control lights, curtains, door locks, background music, TV, security camera and more appliances on one device.

Meanwhile, demo boards for background music system, wired and wireless home automation were also installed at the booth. A lot of words have been written to introduce these products. So I’m not going to repeat here. Apart from HDL’s independently-developed Buspro system, RELCON-S also exhibited HDL’s KNX products from building automation.

Hi-Tech Building is one of the most important events in home and building automation market of Russia. It embraced 11495 visitors in the three-day exhibition. And I believe quite a large proportion of them went to RELCON-S’s booth. This is not hyperbole. You will agree with me when you see the pictures.

This is RELCON-S’s 6th consecutive year promoting HDL at Hi-Tech Building. It received lots of visitors every year. But what makes this year different from previous ones is that the visitors were more passionate about home automation. It is hoped that this technology can walk into homes and benefit every body as soon as possible.

HDL Russia Team
HDL Russia Team
By Ben Young / HDL Marketing