Project Description

The HDL Belgium team have recently finished installing HDL KNX automation solutions into a splendid 18th century church.

Located in the picturesque province of Liège, and a short walk from the Eupen train station, the church occupies an area regarded as the historical borderland between France and Germany.

As is the case with most historic buildings, to update and upgrade it was essential in order to attract a 21st century audience.

The building underwent substantial renovations to transform itself from a fire damaged church, into a world class events venue. No renovation would be complete without however without modernizing the rudimentary electrical system.

HDL was asked to automate the church with motion activated lighting, daylight harvesting technology, and full security integration. To control the HDL KNX system a 10inch wall mounted control panel was installed, giving the building manager a centralized management solution.

During the project, the HDL Belgium team worked carefully to avoid damaging the buildings stone work in anyway, and to camouflage the installed the solutions so that the building’s design aesthetic was maintained and unimpaired.

This unique installation blends the historic and the high-tech to give visitors to the building a truly one of a kind experience, that is not only visually appealing but energy saving.


-Aug.14, 2015