Project Description

The HDL Iran team have just completed installing full HDL automation solutions in the groundbreaking Rayan Vanak complex.

One of the largest private buildings in Iran the complex has in total 108 separate units which will be used for commercial office space.

Situated in Sheikh Bahayi square, Tehran, the building is one of the first in the area to take advantage of the benefits offered by a fully automated building in system.

The Rayan Vanak complex had complete installed lighting control, projector control, HVAC control, and blind Control installed. The system can be fully controlled through various DLP panels or 10 inch touch panels, enabling a seamless user interaction process.

The building manager was also supplied with an iPad which via the iLife app gave him full control over every system, device, and appliance in the building.

As one of the first fully automated buildings in the area the Rayan Vanak complex will act as a beacon demonstrating the efficiency, energy savings, and comfort that is only available through full building automation.

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