Project Description

Development lies at the essence of HDL, and every year to encourage growth and the flourishing of new ideas, HDL invites its core distributors to participate in the annual HDL development conference.

Today marks the first day of this year’s conference, and distributors from all over the globe descended on HDL HQ to share their opinions and ideas on the future course that HDL will take.

To begin this year’s conference the chairman of HDL Mr. Liang gave a speech in which he praised the hard work of the distributors, and thanked them for helping to build HDL into a truly international company.

After this the president of HDL Mr. Liu, and the vice president Mr. Zeng, outlined some of the new products that have recently been developed. Among which were the new Buspro remote, a new line of KNX products, a host of new sensors, and the new background audio module.

The attendees were then asked what future products they would like to see developed, and how they thought the current range could be improved. At HDL we create products that people not only need, but solutions that they want thanks to the feedback we receive from our core distributor network.

After a brief lunch representatives from Dubai, Norway, Ukraine, and the UK took to the stage to inform their fellow distributors of their local market conditions, the current automation trends, and their innovative usages of HDL automation technology.

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