Project Description

The HDL Mexico team have just completed installing full automation solutions into a stunning550 square meter home. Located in the state of Hidalgo, in the beautiful town of Pachuca, the family home has had its lighting, security, and audio fully automated. To control their newly installed system, the owners decided to install DLP control panels, and enable Android/iOS control. With their installation completed in a record two days, the home now owners have an automation solution which can be operated by themselves or their children effortlessly. Of course enabling your home to be completely controlled by your children, may not be what every parent wishes for. That’s why with both the DLP panels and the iOS/Android apps, parental controls can be enabled. These customizable controls allow you to set limitations for other users, and can have time dependent privileges enabled. This can stop televisions being turned on during the night, or stop curtains being closed during the day. What the family deemed to be the most outstanding feature of the installation though was not the lighting, audio, or security integration; but the ability to create a scene which would activate the coffee machine when the parents woke up in the morning or returned from work!

If you would like to learn more about automation possibilities, please contact your local dealer HDL by following the link below.

-Spet.22, 2015