Project Description

The 2015 Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology expo has ended, lasting three days the expo attracted thousands of visitors, and brought the latest advancements in building technology to the public.

Proving extremely popular with both foreign and domestic attendees, the HDL booth was inundated with those wanting to learn more about the automation solutions which we provide. The latest HDL products were on show, such as the Smater management meter, the new HDL Buspro wireless system, and the revolutionary IntelliCenter control system.

Of the 200 products in the HDL booth, the IntelliCenter, was by far the most popular.
But what is the IntelliCenter? To put it simply the IntelliCenter gives you secure wireless control over all of your appliances and electronics, anytime and anywhere.

To tell us more, we spoke to Rayman Lei from the HDL Domestic Department;
“The IntelliCenter was super popular, it is able to monitor your energy consumption, adjust your thermostat, and manage all of your electrical devices. It’s really a great product, I think it’s fair to say that it was undoubtedly the star of our booth.”
He went on to add;
“If anything we had too much interest in the IntelliCenter! People want to learn and know about the product, but when their first language isn’t English it can be a bit of a challenge.”

Challenge or not, HDL will always be there to answer your automation questions. If you would like to learn more about HDL, or about automation in general, please contact:

-Oct.5, 2015