Project Description

BMS trading, one of two distributors of HDL automation solutions in Russia, have recently completed a spectacular full automation installation in a traditional Russian wooden home.

This modern marvel of technology and tradition is located in Cheboksary city, close by the shore of the Volga. Within the family home BMS fully automated the buildings HVAC, lighting, home cinema, shading, CCTV cameras, and irrigation.

Although this by its self would have been an impressive installation, the BMS team were asked to expand on the HVAC automation by creating zoned temperature control.

For those unfamiliar with the zoned temperature control, it simply means that individual rooms are able to have their own individual temperature.

Although more commonly seen in large open offices, this technology is being increasingly adopted by families. Zoned temperature control is seen as a way to please all members of the family by tailoring their room temperature to their preferred levels.

Given that the young and the old, as well as males and females, are most comfortable at different temperatures, this increase in popularity is hardly surprising.

To control their newly automated home, the family opted for a mixture of DLP panel control, and iOS/Android control. This combination allowed all members of the household to control their environment easily and effectively.
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-Nov.6, 2015