Project Description

The latest addition to the HDL family, Domotika from Chile, have just completed installing full hospitality automation solutions into the Hotel Regal Pacific.

Located in Santiago, the five star establishment contacted Domotika in order to fully upgrade all of their 104 guest rooms. Each room now has its lighting, HVAC, security, background audio, and television fully automated, with manual control available via a HDL DLP panel.

This level of automation is made possible by the implementation of the HDL Hotel system, mix controller, 12 in 1 sensor, and the IR emitter.

As one of the only hotels in the country to have its guest rooms fully automated, the Hotel Regal Pacific has guaranteed its place as one of the most luxurious, innovative, and well-appointed in the country.

The HDL hospitality experience doesn’t just take place inside the guest rooms. With the inclusion of the HDL doorbell and card reader, and automatic all lighting before the guest even enters their room they know that the Hotel Regal Pacific is something truly special.

Of course the guest experience is only one aspect of a hospitality solution. What is of equal importance is how it affects staff. As they must work in the hotel day in and day out, easy manageability and maximized utilitarianism is essential.

With a HDL hospitality installation, staff workload is decreased, and building security is increased. This is enabled by the intelligent automatic control of appliances and lighting.

With the system reception and guest services can be notified immediately if a door has been left open, a window has been opened, or a guest has made a service request.

HDL hospitality solutions empower operators to enhance their hotel via increasing guest comfort, while ensuring energy savings and building efficiency.