Project Description

The HDL UK team have recently attended the Elexshow expo, or as it is more commonly referred to ‘the electricians’ exhibition’.

Focusing on providing professional products and solutions to electricians’ throughout the UK, the expo provided visitors with the opportunity to talk directly with exhibitors, and get hands on experience with the products they provide.

To present the expo a taste of our automated future, the HDL UK team presented a combination of the latest KNX, Buspro, and Buspro wireless automation solutions.  Due to the compact nature of the booths at the Elexshow expo, the HDL team were forced to present a trimmed down selection of the products that they would normally display.

This trimmed down selection though still attracted considerable attention. The HDL team reported that:
‘Visitors to the booth were very interested in the wireless system, and liked the fact that we can provide customized panels. The difference between this expo and some of our others is that this time the visitors were all from the trades. They knew what they were looking for, and knew that HDL could provide them with the solutions they need.”

Automation solutions are becoming increasingly common within the UK. What was until a few years ago thought of as impossible, or prohibitively expensive, is now becoming mainstream. This coupled with the ability of mobile devices to run automation control software means that automation is fast becoming the go to choice in home improvement.

-Nov.9, 2015