Project Description

HDL is proud to announce that it hosted a conference which addressed the challenges of promoting building automation solutions.

In attendance were representatives from CIBE(China International Building Expo), the Vice General Manager of TCL Smart Home, Mr. Hao, the Account Executive of HUAWEI Mr. Liang, and  the General Manager of OPPEIN, Mr. Chen.
Representing HDL were Chairman, Mr. Liang, President Mr. Liu, Vice president Ms. Zhu, and Domestic Marketing Director Mr. Lei.

During the conference, all of the participants discussed various methods of increasing the development and acceptance of building automation.

To illustrate the progress that HDL has made in the distribution of automation solutions HDL Chairman Mr. Liang told the assembled visitors that;
“Since 2008 HDL has been engaged in the automation industry, inside of seven years HDL has established 10 authorized training canters, and completed over 10,000 successful automation projects in Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Middle East, Africa, Asia and China.”He went on to add that;
“We are working hard to make automation accessible to all, and in the coming years we have forecast significant growth.”

The development of automation technologies is seen as a major step in reducing the energy consumption of buildings. As the world is facing increasing resource scarcity, increasing levels of pollution, and accelerated environmental change, the energy efficient nature of automation is fast becoming the first tool in reducing the negative effects of human habitation.

According to the European Commission, energy efficiency and reducing energy use will;
“Help avoid impacts associated with extractive industries and with energy generation, transformation, distribution and consumption in general. It can help reducing GHG emissions, air pollution, impacts to surface and ground waters, habitat fragmentation and biodiversity disturbance through infrastructure and land use, etc.”

To bolster the public image of automation in China, the CIBE group officially announced that automation producers will be ‘promoted and encouraged to attend exhibitions’, and that an ‘international hall will be created to encourage the exchange of energy saving ideas’.

HDL thanks all the attendees who graciously donated their time to attend the conference, and we hope that next year’s conference will be as equally productive.


-Oct.30, 2015