At the forefront of marine automation, we have developed solutions that give complete comfort, convenience, and security, regardless of if you are anchored in a harbour or circumnavigating the globe.


If you have purchased or already own a marine vessel equipped with HDL technology, you can rest easy knowing all our marine solutions have passed a rigorous quality control, and meet or exceed international marine electronics standards. This ensures that whatever the weather can throw at you, your automation solution will always be operational and totally reliable.

Our technology brings automation systems previously only found in premium properties, to vessels of all sizes. We enable a user to effortlessly control lights, blinds, desalinators, windlasses, bilge pumps, HVAC, and music via a DLP panel or Android/iOS device. Coupled with this a user can monitor every aspect and function of their yacht via their phone or tablet, from the fuel, and water status, to current heading, location, wind speed, battery level, and depth.

Two common hazards to for all vessels are intruders, and flooding. With HDL marine security solutions a user can be notified immediately via txt messages and emails, if their bilge pumps have been activated, or if their security sensors have been triggered.



Our dedicated team of engineers can completely customize a system to the exact requirements of your vessel. Whether your vessel is a 25ft sloop or a 125ft motor yacht, the HDL modular system can be specified to provide a customised and reliable solution.

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